The three greatest causes of wild bird mortality in the US


The single greatest cause of wild bird mortality in the United States are domestic, free-ranging cats.


Domestic, free-ranging cats are estimated to kill somewhere between 1.3 and 4 billion birds annually.


Up to 1 billion birds are killed annually in the United States due to anthropogenic sources including collisions with
human-made structures such as vehicles, buildings, windows, power lines, communication towers, and wind turbines.


Research shows that 54-76 percent of window collisions are fatal to birds.


Millions of acres of bird habitat are lost or degraded every year due to development, agriculture, and forestry practices.


These rapidly accelerating impacts can be mitigated only through habitat restoration and protection.

You Can Help!
Everyone can help protect migratory birds.  Whether it is taking actions around your home or workplace, designing bird-friendly projects, or just taking actions that reduce resource consumption, every action is one step towards protecting migratory birds for future generations. A few simple actions that can be taken include:

Migratory birds are among nature's most magnificent resources. Their conservation is a critical and challenging endeavor for the Migratory Bird Program and all who value nature. If you need immediate assistance, contact the Migratory Bird Program at