With the help of private citizens, volunteers and local animal control agencies we rescue an average of 700 injured, ill and orphaned wild birds annually.   Click here to see some recent rescue stories.

Depending on the illness or injury, recovery may take just a few days or can involve weeks of extensive rehabilitation.  Some birds require intense supportive care while others just need some time to heal.

Some birds that are admitted to our rehabilitation center aren’t injured at all.  Many birds admitted are orphaned, displaced or just too young to care for themselves.  If they cannot be reunited with their parents, these wild babies are given special around the clock feedings and care.

  Click here to see some recent rehab stories.

We advocate for the responsible concern and conservation of our federally protected feathered friends.  State and federal laws protect nearly all wild birds.
We are available for educational talks or presentations.  Contact us for more information.

In Louisiana, it is against the law to possess wildlife.

It is against the law to possess injured, ill, and orphaned birds including the nests, feathers and the eggs of wild birds without LDWF and USFWS Migratory Bird Rehabilitation permits - even if you plan to release them.

Our primary goal is treating and then releasing our bird patients back to their natural wild habitat.  Release day is an exciting moment for everyone involved.   Click here to see more recent releases.