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Migratory birds are among nature's most magnificent resources.

Did you know?

We’ve Lost One in Four Birds Since 1970

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In less than a single lifetime, North America has lost more than one in four of its birds, according to a report in the world’s leading scientific journal.

Published in Science by researchers at seven institutions, the findings show that 2.9 billion breeding adult birds have been lost since 1970, including birds in every ecosystem.

The losses include iconic songsters such as Eastern and Western Meadowlarks (down by 139 million) and favorite birds at feeders, such as Dark-eyed Juncos (down by 168 million) and sweet-singing White-throated Sparrows (down by 93 million).

The disappearance of even common species indicates a general shift in our ecosystems’ ability to support basic birdlife, the scientists conclude.

You Can Help!

Everyone can help protect migratory birds. Whether it is taking actions around your home or workplace, designing bird-friendly projects, or just taking actions that reduce resource consumption, every action is one step towards protecting migratory birds for future generations. A few simple actions that can be taken include:

• Participate in citizen science bird monitoring programs (e.g., eBird, Breeding Bird Survey, Christmas Bird Counts, Urban Bird Treaties)

• Reduce energy and water use

• Recycle and use recycled products

• Plant native and pollinator plants.

• Assess home and office for risk of bird/glass collisions and implement best practices

• Keep cats indoors

• Reduce the use of chemicals in environment

Migratory birds are among nature's most magnificent resources. Their conservation is a critical and challenging endeavor for all who value nature.


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