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Interested in Rehabbing?
Is Wildlife Rehabilitation for you?

There is currently a state-wide shortage of licensed wildlife rehabilitators, and while working with animals may seem fun, wildlife rehabilitation requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Wildlife rehabbers dedicate long hours and diligence to their cause, and almost all rehabilitation work is done on a volunteer basis.  True, there are some paid positions in some centers across the country, however, they are the minority.


Most wildlife rehabilitation is strictly voluntary.  In Louisiana, it is NOT a paid position.
A potential rehabilitator must take and pass the state approved rehabilitation class and pass the required facility inspections.



  • Copious amounts of time.

  • A devoted work ethic.

  • The understanding and following of state and federal wildlife rehabilitation laws/rules.

  • Proper-sized enclosures that meet required NWRA minimum standards.

  • A dedicated rehabilitation workspace - separate from common living area, children, and pets.

  • A reliable funding source.

  • A willingness to sacrifice spouse/family time.

  • The ability to work well with the public.

  • The ability to properly educate the public.

  • The understanding of the goal to release healthy animals.

  • The knowledge to handle triage situations.

  • The emotional maturity to recognize when euthanasia is necessary.

Scroll down to fill out our application form to receive more information about volunteering or becoming a state licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed rehabilitator, your submitted information will be passed on to our state permit coordinator who will contact you separately.


Interested in learning more?
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Application for those interested in learning more about becoming a Wildlife Rehabber. 

You can make a difference!

To contact our state permit coordinator directly and for more information:
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