Look what you've done!

Thanks to supporters of our 2020 fundraiser campaign for Giving Tuesday, we are making progress on our goal of additional housing for the birds.

Your kind gifts totaling $2,205.00 have been used primarily for the addition/improvement of short and long term housing for the ill, injured and orphaned birds at our facility.


We're updating an existing 12x14 utility building and added on an 8’x16’x8’ mixed-use rehabilitation aviary.

We hope we’ve made you proud of how we used these campaign funds.  The passion and care of supporters like YOU is how we are able to provide these necessities in order to increase the chances of release and survival of our federally protected feathered friends.

Work is ongoing and additional funds are needed to update the interior of the utility building.  We hope to be able to bring in electrical and water hook-ups.   If you are interested in donating towards this goal, please click here


Be sure to watch the videos below to see our progress.


Did you know it costs between $80 to $150 to rehabilitate one wild bird?

Costs vary based upon rehabilitation needs and length of stay at the facility.  Food, medical supplies, housing (temporary and longer term) are all factored into these costs.

For The Birds of Acadiana survives on the generous donations of supporters like you.  We do not receive Federal grants or State funding.  Your donation is vital in sustaining For The Birds of Acadiana. 


- Everybirdie thanks you!